90 Day Glow Up Challenge & Planner

Mimi Zackery

The 90 Day Glow Up Challenge is intended to help you improve your health, home, and income via daily activities that promotes positive transformation.

This product is a 12-Week/90-Day UNDATED accountability workbook and planner that you can print or use on a tablet with the GoodNotes5 app or any other app that lets you upload a PDF and write on it with a digital pencil.

Because this is an undated product, you can use it every 90 days without purchasing a new one.

It comes with a planner, an accountability habit tracker, a goal sheet, a vision board, and other goodies. The rules for the challenge are listed below.

Challenge Rules / Daily Habits:

  1. Wake up early
  2. Eat Healthy & Exercise
  3. Complete a home-care routine
  4. Complete a self-care routine
  5. Read 10 pages of a book
  6. Work on a side-hustle or skill
  7. Complete an evening routine
  8. Track your progress

If you're serious about improving your health, home, and income, feel free to join us; we'll make it happen together!

Good luck and welcome to the challenge!!


Q: Since this is only a 90-day planner, do I need to buy another one for the rest of the year?
A: No, all you have to do is keep using the one you buy for 3 months at a time. Just keep them all in the same Goodnotes5 folder.

If you're printing it, you can print one every 3 months.

Q: Will I receive a physical product?
A: No, this is a digital download that you can use on your iPad via the Goodnotes5 app that allows you to upload PDF's and write on it. You may also print this planner if that what you choose.

Q: Do you have an affiliate program?
A: Yes, you'll get an email invite with instructions on how to get your personal link after placing your order.

Q: Do you offer dated planners?
A: Not at this time, however, I'm working on it.

I want this!

Refund Policy

Because this is a downloadable product that you'll have access to it instantly, there will be no refunds issued. Feel free to email me at support[at]mimizackery.com with any questions before purchasing.

Last updated Oct 12, 2023

Daily Activity Pages
12 Weeks
2023 Calendar
Vision Board Sheet
Weekly Goals Sheet
Weekly to-do List
12 Week Tracker
Weekly Review Sheet

90 Day Glow Up Challenge & Planner

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